Monday, October 29, 2012

20 weeks

Technically I am 21 weeks now but 20 weeks was a big week so I am just behind.

Our baby girl: is about 10 1/2 in. Long now, about the size of a carrot  and weights about 3/4 of a lb. this still seems so small to me.

Symptoms: again I have been very blessed this pregnancy haven't had any terrible symptoms for long periods of time. This week wasn't too different. I have a little bit of heartburn usually after dinner occasionally but nothing two tums and some water does fix.

Weight: I started to gain a little more than 1lb a week lately but still have matched my total weight gain to the number of weeks pregnant I am so I guess that's good.

Cravings: no specific cravings. Junk food always sounds good. I have noticed that my appetite has come back down to normal this week. I don't eat nearly as much as the last couple of weeks which should help with the weight.

Movement: I was told I would start to feel baby girl move around 18 weeks but I never really noticed anything. I still haven't felt her move and no that's exactly what it was. I had read people say it feels like a butterfly fluttering around, or a fish swimming in a fish bowl but how do people know what that feels like. Honestly the only time I feel anything in my belly area it just feels like a short sharp pain, a cramp, or my food digesting. I still just assume its digestion bc I only ever noticed it an hour or so after I eat. This week I read I may start to feel her doing "martial arts" so maybe it will be a little more distinctive if its her. I don't worry at all I figured we know she is moving bc we saw her on the ultrasound this week and ill have plenty of months of feeling her kicking me in the middle of the night :).

Best moment: duh it's when we had our ultrasound to find out the gender. Kevin was like 2 minutes late and i started to freak out bc i just knew he was going to miss it. luckily the Ultrasound tech wasnt in any hurry since they had just gotten back from lunch so we waited for him. as soon as we sat down and she put the warm jelly stuff on my belly we she asked did yall want to know the sex? we both quickly answered yes, almost in a tone that may have come across as Duh thats why we are hear but i was glad she did ask just for the sake of people who dont want to know. she immediately went for a shot of the baby's booty and said well bc of these three lines here you are having a girl! i was so excited but dont remember saying anything probably a little shock and Kevin gave some kind of "ALRIGHT!" burst and then immediately asked are you sure. Haha it was funny, we didnt care either way but i think we both just wanted to be sure we knew exactly it was a she. the ultrasound tech checked mulitple times to reassure us and then started taking measurements,It took longer than I thought bc they have more measurements they are looking for. When we were done we headed down the elevator to meet my mom in the parking lot. She had taken a half day to "celebrate" with me bc Kevin had to head straight to school for a test. As soon as we walked off the elevator there was my mom sitting on a bench anxiously awaiting, we didn't say anything and just laughed at her bc she was smiling so big and tapping her feet in exictement. We asked one more time what do you think and she guessed boy and we said nope baby girl!! Of course my mom squealed and started crying lol. It was for sure another good reaction from my mom.

The rest of the week was so hard bc everyone was asking and sending text messages asking what it was and we weren't telling anyone until we had our gender reveal party on Saturday (dr. Appt was on Tuesday). Saturday finally came and you can read about that Here.

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